Dedicated Server Hosting

Truely Dedicated Server Hosting

For High Availability Websites & Applications

This type of hosting allows your website to use 100% of the resources.

Most web hosting is shared hosting. In shared hosting, your website is on a computer with hundreds of other websites all sharing the same server. In virtual dedicated or cloud-based dedicated, you still share common hardware although at a much reduced level in comparison to shared.

In our Truely Dedicated Server hosting, your website is the ONLY website on the server giving you 100% of the processor, 100% of the disk drive and 100% of the memory “dedicated” JUST to your website and applications. There are no comparisons to lesser compromises. In both virtually dedicated or cloud hosting, your website still does not use and control 100% of a true piece of dedicated equipment.

Use dedicated server hosting when your website must be fast all the time and your applications can never be down.



Not Cloud / Not Virtual: True bare metal hardware


Applications level support included


More Reliable: 100% of the hardware dedicated to you


100% Dedicated single source contact point



Managed Server Pricing



Special Server Requirements

If you have special server requirements, please request a quote. We can build any kind of server hardware configuration for your needs including co-location needs where you manage the server at a reduced price from our managed server prices.